Living Without in the Information Age

I don’t own a television, radio or mobile phone. What, you say?

I have had them in the past but to be honest living without them makes me realise just how attached others are to their noise makers. The other day I was sitting in a meeting and mobile phones went off at least 12 times in a group of about 35 people. Only one was on vibrate or silent mode. Some had an individual sound for ever button they then had to press to read their message! Okay, is that really necessary?

Others had to answer their phone so they did the tip toe thing out of the meeting to answer the call. Yes, we are all busy people but really could the person on the other end not have waited until a break in the meeting to hear back from you? I highly doubt it was an emergency that couldn’t wait. Point in case, one of the gentlemen at my table actually spent half the meeting either texting or talking to various people on his phone. On two occasions he was talking to people at our table to discuss meeting matters and when the phone chirped in he excused himself in mid conversation to take the calls. These calls turned out to be something to do with sports stuff that would be occurring that evening…

I must admit I still need my computer and internet to get by or I’d be a little too cut off. However, it seems many of the gadgets today are about filling a space, being heard immediately. They have become a life line in an age where we can’t seem to go without some sort of social fix. We no longer live in a small community of family and friends like many did in the past but is it really any different from the past? Isn’t it really just another form of communication? Well, yes, to some extent that is true but there is something more to it than that.

I must admit that I still get a good deal of information via the neighbour, work and the like. “Did you hear about…, oh, ya, you don’t have a tv…,” and then they proceed to tell me about whatever was on the news anyway so I did not really need the tv and as such I’ve saved myself the trouble of hearing it twice so I’ve acquired time for other things.

So what is the life line of a person without these?

I’ve gone back to using the more creative side of my brain including writing, painting, textile arts, baking, walking as well as other things that present themselves. My life line relies more on me than on others and as such I think that is important. Finding what represents you, the real you, only happens by stopping the noise and looking inward. That is not to say there is not advantages of having information age gadgets. I just think we depend on them a little too much to fill us up.

What might fill you up from the inside if you just gave it time and quiet to emerge?  Step outside the box…

9 comments on “Living Without in the Information Age

  1. dogkisses says:


    It’s nice to know I’m not alone in enjoying my internet connection, but really don’t see a need for much technology. I recently gave up my smart phone for a little Tracfone, (b/c I have a relative whom I need to be in contact with in case of emergencies). I don’t miss all the time I spent talking on that phone though. Plus, I have the perfect excuse now, which is that I’m counting minutes so gotta go. Folks call me at home now.

    No cable either, but I get regular weather updates from my mom.

    I especially like what you said, “Finding what represents you, the real you, only happens by stopping the noise and looking inward.” Just what I needed to hear right now.

    Enjoyed your post…

    • ljr3 says:

      The more technology the more time wasted in a good deal of cases. I love the excuse that you are counting minutes so gotta go! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!

  2. dell381 says:

    Well i think that we live in a time where everything is instant this and instant that.. So many have gotten just plain lazy and lost site of themselves.. To put it plainly we live in a society to where no one has patience it seems anymore.. To be in a meeting and get up to answer calls or text messages on a phone is just plain RUDE. There is a time and place for this.. inside a meeting in my opinion is not one of em.. Especially something related to sports.. thats bull. I could care less bout phones.. but i do have one if i need it.. i also have tv but rarely watch it.. now i do like the computer. but its more of a hobby of mine than anything else.. when im home alone i spend hours of just enjoying the quiet.. I feel so many people lose site of so much with technology.. I ask some of these people when was last time someone went outside and enjoyed the birds singing or watching them.Took the time to appreciate a sunrise or sunset . a walk in the woods.. playing with an animal.. Prayer.???. TECHNOLOGY .. hmmmmmmmm i say .. lets go back to the time of wagons and horses.. no electricity.. where our brain was something we used and hard work was something everyone was use to. TERRIFIC POST … ENJOYED THIS..


    • dogkisses says:

      Am all for the horse and wagons too. Would take a long time to get somewhere, but wouldn’t that be fun.

      • ljr3 says:

        I could live with that but I have to admit I would probably have never gone the places I have gone if we had horse and wagons.

      • dogkisses says:

        Hi ljr3, Same here. I went to Japan once, but then the food on my last day nearly killed me, but since I lived through it, I guess it was worth it 🙂

      • dell381 says:

        Yes it sure would be fun. Think of all the scenery one could see and enjoy.

      • dogkisses says:

        Exactly. I rode on a little buggy behind a horse in the mountains with a friend who was selling eggs to neighbors. I saw so much on the side of the road that I’d never noticed while driving in my car. It was awesome.

      • dell381 says:

        Oh i bet it was .. See things go by us so fast half the time that i think we get lost in the chaos of just dealing with life. SO i really try to take notice of the lil things that mean the most.. The natural beauty in the world so to speak .. There is so much to see and enjoy if one only takes the time to look ..

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