Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Okay, so last week I never got on-line to send in my weekly photo let alone anything else. It has been more than a little bit stressful and hectic here.

So, this week I am trying to at least make up for it with a good photo.

I had no idea what I was going to do for the weekly challenge of ‘possibility’ when it just came about of its own accord. I live on a property with citrus trees. While checking the trees this week I found them covered in bronze orange stink bugs still in their nymph form. If you don’t know, I didn’t, they are a nasty bug which sucks the sap out of the trees making the fruit and leaves drop off. They are very difficult to get rid of and I am not allowed to use pesticides here so I was left with few alternatives. In the end we ended up having to remove them one by one, by hand. I’m still working on this as some are too high up to reach.

Gloves are a must as is eye protection. They squirt out fluid which is caustic. It can burn the skin and cause temporary blindness. If you get the fluid on your skin it leaves a very dark orange stain. To top it off they really stink!

Once we had collected the nasty critters I took some photos. One was so interesting I had to share it with you as this weeks challenge of ‘possibility’. Why? This nasty bug, in plague proportions, has given me such a beautiful artistic photo which I would have never thought up myself. It is definitely the most unusual of possibilities! I hope you enjoy.

I’m sorry for the copyright stuff but this one I love.

Next week I should be back to doing my full on writing for those of you who enjoy the stories.


4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. Maggie L R says:

    Ewww, strangely colourful and interesting.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Such beautiful bugs … and so very nasty.

    • ljr3 says:

      It is sad really that they do not seem to have any decent purpose other than their beauty once I’ve killed them. They are quite beautiful.

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