Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

It seems this week things have come to a head. Everywhere I turn I’m confronted with a screaming reality that I can no longer ignore. This morning I looked up the weekly photo challenge, ‘Hidden’ and realised what was really hidden had nothing to do with a photo challenge. It did however, have everything to do with me. The difference? Fear.

In this blog I’ve toyed, hinted or alluded to writing a book. Not a novel, not a feel good book but a sad, gritty and emotional juxtaposed true story of the past and present. It is the story of a WWII bomber crew, my journey of researching their lives and sadly their deaths as well as what I have come to realise by learning about these men.

I have the “Courage 2 Create” as Ollin’s blog sparks many to do but I do not have the courage to believe in myself. I do not have the courage to believe that my book writing will have the power to do what I feel it must do, pull at the heart-strings of the reader with its simple honesty and by doing so keep the boys, and all like them, alive in memory. Can the book possibly do for others what writing it has done for me? Will it have the power to create a love for someone you never knew?

Today is my first step, a step of courage in saying out loud that I am afraid of not succeeding in doing my duty to the crew. I fear letting down their families. I fear that my efforts will not be enough to make the boys live again if only in a book. I fear that you will not love them as I love them.

My motto: May Courage Overcome Fear.

My photo: Rain.  In everything and in everyone there is something hidden.  Rain is what we see but its elements are two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and yet they are hidden in a way.  Without them we would not be here.

2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. Maggie L R says:

    Your motto “May Courage Overcome Fear.” is perfect for an author with so much passion for the subject of thier writings. If your book is written with half the emotion you have evoked in this short blog, then it will be a winner and stir many a heart and allow the reader to know and love the boys you write about. tI would be a sin if fear was able to hold you back. It would be a sin not to let it go and allow it to be released to touch hearts.

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