Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden (Take 2)

Hidden times two. 

One, my dog, Linus as he is nick named, is part doberman.  Of course to look at him with his mainly white and speckled coat you might have to do a second take to realise the head really is that of a doberman.  He is truly hidden by his other breed, the Kelpie.  I like to call him doberman incognito. 

Two, the pic itself, a pic of him staring at me through the blinds.  He does this only when my husband goes away.  He follows me everywhere.  He lies somewhat hidden behind the blinds ‘sleeping’ but most times I turn around to find him staring at me.  I let the ‘sleeping dog lie’ pretending to be just taking a nap, his real agended of guarding me is hidden…  Mind you he is none too impressed to see me taking a photo.  He has been found out. 



5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden (Take 2)

  1. What a wonderful photo of this hidden Doberman. 🙂 I love it! Linus is adorable. Thank so much for sharing. 🙂

    • ljr3 says:

      He is truly an adorable and unusual mix of breeds. He was a RSPCA dog and I would not trade him for the world. If you did not read my very short story on Linus and his blanket, thus his name, you might want to read it for a bit of a laugh.

  2. frizztext says:

    I like your Doberman incognito 🙂

    • ljr3 says:

      Cheers frizztext. I cannot take any credit for his unusual breeding but I do seem to have a lasting affinity for the breed. When I was a little girl my uncle had a number of Dobermans. One was a king Doberman that I loved to play with. Whenever I visited he would step on my foot so I could not move and lean on me as encouragement to pet him. My Linus does the same thing!

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