A Remembrance Day Challenge

 The Story

On the way home from work one day a number of people sat on a city bus waiting for their stop to arrive. It seemed as though it would be a day that would finish like any other. One man however, had noticed that there was a veteran on board. The uniform was a dead give away that the soldier was in the forces but it was the colourful bar on his chest that told the story of the places he had been. This was not an elderly man who had served in a bygone war nor a youthful boy fresh from training but one who had been overseas many times and was still currently serving his country.

At some point the bus rider made a momentous decision. Just before his stop he made the choice to get up and make his way to where the veteran was sitting. He stopped beside the soldier, thanked him for his service and shook his hand before leaving the bus. He made the soldier’s day. The veteran came home to his wife feeling good about himself and wore a smile that did not leave his face for the rest of the evening.

It took but a moment to say thank you but the soldier and his wife still remember the kindness of that stranger and well over a year has passed.

The Challenge

Find a way to make a veteran’s day, let them not be forgotten this week. 

Ideas to help you along on your challenge:

1) Like the true story above, thank a veteran.

2) Buy a veteran a cup of tea, coffee or a meal and take a moment to share in their life.

3) Research a veteran you know nothing about and then share the information with someone else.  (For example give the person’s name, show a picture and share a paragraph or two about what you found out about them.)

4) Tell someone about why a relative or a friend who served in a war is special to you.

5) Do a chore for the veteran so that he or she can spend that time with their family or doing something that is important to them.

6) Write a special “thank you” message or poem to a veteran or even to your local legion/RSL.

The Point

The point is to let a veteran (alive or passed on) know you care and remember them beyond their name, beyond a picture, beyond the day!

Make a difference. That is the goal.

 Be inventive, be spontaneous or plan it out.

Whatever you do leave me a message about it!

3 comments on “A Remembrance Day Challenge

  1. Ken says:

    I read your Story, the Challenge and he Point withiears in my eyes. We all must be reminded and encouraged to demonstrate our appreciation to those serving in the military for their service. You said it well.

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