Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I do not live anywhere near my family. I have thought about this for the last few days and wondered, despite having photos of family, what I could take a photo of that, for me, would suggest more than a photo of actual family members.  So, for the photo challenge of ‘family’ I had to be somewhat inventive.

I look at family like a bunch of shoes sitting at the front door of a home…

They are all different shapes, sizes and shades.

They have various jobs.

Some are young and some are old.

Some are brand new while others are seeing their last days.

Some are pretty and some are not.

We tend to be more fond of some than others.

Some fit us well while others do not.

Some are hard, pinch, cut and bruise while others are soft, soothing and comfortable.

Some take some getting use to.

Some don’t even belong to us.

Some are borrowed.

Some are gifts.

Some are messy while others are neat.

Some smell nice but others smell like they could use a good clean.

Some we would just love to send back and get a refund or trade in if at all possible.  Usually we cannot, so, we keep them in the hope they will change in our estimation and we will learn to love them.

Despite everything, they find a way to nestle up side by side and exist together despite their differences.


4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. Maggie L R says:

    I love your post.. a family of shoes gathering at the doorway.. A great photo too.

  2. dell381 says:

    Very interesting analogy.. I LOVE IT… believe me i can so relate to this.. hahaha.. Great Post.

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