Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Whether it be a sweet treat, travel or just a fantasy in my mind, I love to indulge.  I went through some photos from the past to come up with this weeks depictions of indulge.

All of these photos were taken on either weekends or holidays with few time restraints and the enjoyment of indulgence in both fantasy and reality at its height.

The first is a recent photo taken at the ocean.  I indulged in the colours of nature, the peace of an uncrowded beach, travel with a friend and the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten while sitting on a bench at the seaside.

The second is another seaside photo from years before at another beach.  Here I indulged in the fantasy that I was Monet painting at the seaside with the wind blowing through my hair.

The third is from many years ago, aboard a ship all decked out in a bygone era.  I indulged in going back to a place long before my time and imagined what it would be like to live on board, tossed about in the seas but without the hard realities of scurvy, sea sickness, rats and lice getting in the way.

The fourth is from the day I got engaged, up there, in that top bit somewhere.  Standing there I had no idea what was yet to come.  In the moment the picture was taken I was indulging in the shear expanse of the building and how it would have been to enter in horse and carriage dressed in the finery of the day.


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