Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

I took a different approach to this challenge.  Instead of looking through a structure I looked through the darkness to light and colour.  These were taken in a cathedral on a visit to Strasbourg, France.


5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. dell381 says:



    • ljr3 says:

      Pictures just do not do such buildings justice. Outside I could only get a fraction of the building into the viewfinder. There are so many buildings around you cannot take in how big these cathedrals really are in a photo. I love how on the inside however, a feeling of importance is directed toward the cross. It was an amazing place.

      • dell381 says:

        I have never been in such an awesome place. I think if i was able to go inside and see this , i would be moved spiritually. Although, not the building that makes one spiritual. However, just the photos alone moved me.. They were truly magnificent.. Thanks so much for sharing them .

  2. these are very moving. I can’t describe how I feel about the one of the sanctuary–it is full of majesty and mystery.

    • ljr3 says:

      I imagine that is exactly how people in the time when it was first built (many of whom could neither read nor write) would have seen it. Today, despite most of us being able to read and write, it still carries the same feelings. It was designed to communicate and majesty and mystery are exactly the words to describe it. It was breathtaking to see.

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