Kookaburra in the Rain

I was being good and editing my book while sitting at the kitchen table working on my lap top (my non internet computer).  Dang it, I got distracted by one of my favourite birds, the Kookaburra.  It landed in the tree outside and I just had to try to get some pics.  I love these birds.  Considering I had to take the pics through the window and I do not have a decent lense they came out okay.




A while ago I read a post on a blog I frequent, asking for interested people to take part in a collaborative photographic effort aptly named, “quotography”. The name of the game, each collaborator provided three quotes to Nick Exposed and with a little magic and time, they received three different quotes provided by another collaborator via Nick Exposed. They then had to provide a photograph that embodied the quote.

Of course not using your own choice of quotes made things exciting.  What would I be given for quotes? Could I manage to come up with something and what would other collaborators come up with?

When I got my three quotes I was not sure if I could pull it off.  Some quotes looked easier than others. We only had two weeks to get our entries in but I would have to say over all I think everyone had an enjoyable time and came up with an excellent selection of quotography.  Check it out in Nick’s Quotography Collaboration: Gallery at http://nickexposed.com/tag/quotography/

In the end I managed to get my three images (with varying degrees of satisfaction).  I themed mine, using teddy bears as my props across all three quotes to bring them together as a group.  It added a little humour too.  These are my entries but trust me there are way better quotography pics at Nick Exposed!

“Two roads diverged in a forest, and I, I took the road less traveled by.  And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true.” – Michael Faraday

“Life is not a problem to be solved, its an adventure to be lived.” – John Eldredge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

For those of you going what the heck have you done to your dog…no I did not paint Linus or contort him to look this way!  I caught him tuckered out on the cement just like that (minus the after photo work).

I “solarized” the photo in my word program.

I thought I’d add a little drama this week and play with the idea of blue in both colour and mood. For me it harks of abuse and deep sadness.  It came out way better than I hoped.