Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment (street photography)

First of all I do not live anywhere near a “street” so perhaps this should be called “rural road” photography.

One morning I got up later than normal and wouldn’t you know it, no camera in hand and there it was, an orange moon dipping below the tree line.  Yes, I did say orange.  It was so cool but now remains in the camera that is my head and no proof to show you, sigh.

Another morning I went when the sun was finally up, with camera in hand, and thought great, I’ll get a close up pic of these birds on a fence by the road.  I took a few pics, slowly making my way closer to get a good photo and just as I was about to take the shot I wanted, a cyclist zooms by yelling “good morning” and woosh off fly the birds…, sigh.

In the end the only fleeting moment I managed to get was another cyclist being passed by a car headed for work…, sigh.

Not really what I had in mind….  Oh well, better luck next week!


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