Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

I had to look up the possible definitions for merge to see what I could come up with this week.  Finding one definition that stated “to blend or fade gradually”, I thought of my work on the portrait I am doing.  I am not ready to share the whole thing but I thought I would take a photo of a small portion of the portrait to depict the idea of merge.

I essentially merge when I paint.  I make my dark colour and then add a little white blending the two wet colours back and forth with my brush to help fade them into one another to become all part of one, in this case, part of the jacket.  This painting or merging process is far from finished but it is all about merging paint to create a sense of clothing, light, darks and in the end a sense of dimension.

2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

  1. Beautiful. A perfect merging of Art and inspiring thoughts.

    • ljr3 says:

      I hope I can bring the painting to the full impression I have in my mind! I am a better sketcher than I am a painter but it is exciting to see it when it starts to come together they way I want it to.

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