Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Everyday life here is not exactly hectic like it is in a city.  Life on a daily basis, before self imposed work, pretty much revolves around walking the dog, seeing wallabies and birds, and then making the other half’s lunch and breakfast all before 7a.m.  Soon I’ll be able to add a swim to the morning lineup.

The rest of the day currently follows a typical agenda. I check my email accounts and blog before making a cup of tea, then I plunk myself in front of my lap top at the kitchen table to go through the most recent edits sent by my editor.  That’s when the real work begins.

Usually I ask myself, “What possessed me to write in the first place?”  The edits may not be in red but they are every bit as daunting staring back at me from the screen, especially at the moment when I am working on the first chapters of the book and have such a long way to go.  However, then I remember…this piece of work is the most important thing I will ever achieve in my life.

It isn’t like I haven’t achieved other things.  As an adult I suppose one of my greatest achievements was completing three university degrees (two of them honour degrees).  I paid for my education, on my own.  I can still recall paying off that hefty student loan, that was a happy moment.  I’ve also lived and worked in three different countries.  I have done loads of other things too, but none of that is as important as what I have yet to achieve, and to be honest, I hardly think of what I have already done in my everyday life.

My everyday life revolves around what matters now.

Until my manuscript becomes a fully fledged book, I haven’t achieved my job, my duty, my purpose for existing.  My everyday life is all about reaching my future goal. Everyday I have to tell myself I’m one step closer, one page farther, one more chapter along in the process of editing.

As I edit, I find myself thanking God for my editor.  I have over researched and over detailed my work knowing full well I would be forced to cull it back.  In other places I have left things out which need to be added. I already know what needs editing but I get caught up in the information and without some guidance my heart won’t let go of those little details, so important to me but not so important to the general reader.  That is what happens when you love the people you write about, when they become your world, are part of who you are, and have played a part in the last 3 years of your life.

Anyway, since the manuscript is an immense part of my everyday life, I thought I would take a photograph of what a writer looks like working on edits sent from an editor. It isn’t glamorous and it doesn’t end at 5p.m.

3 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. Ein Video von unserer Heimat.

  2. Life and Ink says:

    Congratulations! It feels wonderful working towards and ultimately accomplishing goals. 🙂

    • ljr3 says:

      Many thanks! Finishing the manuscript was a great feeling. Although editing isn’t fun, I can see how it greatly improves the manuscript and gets my message across. It can be hard to stick to long term goals, but so worth it in the end.

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