Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

After several moves, you get to a point where there is not much that you get overly possessive about.

My leather couch use to be my main precious. It still is to some degree.

I do love my dark chocolate and hate to share it, but then I only get it now and again, but I couldn’t get a photo of that with green tea this week. Yes, I dip it in green tea to make a melting mess or I melt it and put it over orange pancakes or I make double chocolate brownies or, oh, you get the idea….

There are a few things I guess I would call “mine”. These pictures I have on my wall are some of the few older pieces I can’t part with, and just this week I got my hands on this silk, and it is all mine! Although, it will sit unused for a very long time until I figure out how to use my sewing machine and patterns before using such beautiful fabric. Until then I have my dreams of what it will become….


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