Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Sigh. It has been a BIG week.

I have just about had it. I am so tired of snakes showing up and freaking me out. They have at least 40 acres of land behind the house, a whole mountain to roam, and for that matter an acre around the house (although I don’t want them on my property at all!), but where do they go…on my deck! The deck is supose to be a peaceful area, an area for me and my dog to relax out of the sun. The deck is his bedroom, his living-room, just his… DANG IT!

I went into the living-room for two minutes and all of a sudden I hear a skittering of dog claws on the deck. Linus lives on the deck so it wasn’t like the deck was empty. Anyway, I knew something was wrong by the amount of skittering so I ran into the kitchen to see Linus about one or two feet behind this beast standing nearly four feet high off the deck like a waving stick. I ran to the front door and yelled for Linus to come to the front in hopes he would run away from the snake and out of harms way. Finally he came and I got him inside.

I ran back to the sliding screen doors to check on the type of snake and make sure it could not get in the house. We have a hole in the screen and it could easily get in! By this time the snake had weaved itself into the plastic on the screen so I slammed the glass doors shut. It, stayed put. Through the black screen I couldn’t tell what kind of snake I was dealing with but from the far glass door I could make out the colour and finally the head when it turned to check me out.

I ran back to Linus felt him all over for any wet spot and then grabbed the camera to take a few shots for identification and then checked on line to see what exactly I was dealing with. Seeing the colour and the fact it had climbed the screen, to some extent made me feel better as I was pretty sure it wasn’t and eastern brown but I was aware most snakes are dangerous here so my dog could still be in serious trouble.

Luckily it appeared to be a non venomous tree snake and Linus showed no signs of distress. About 15 minutes later the snake removed itself from the screen and slithered off into the pool area and into the trees…

Might I add that weaving itself into the screen and covering itself in spider web and dog hair proved to be a BIG FAIL for camouflage!!!!!

On a happier note, yesterday was a much better day, but I have no pic to show you of the sweetest puppy I have ever seen. She has nerve damage and cannot walk properly but she is so adorable and is such a little trooper despite her problems. I got to hold her and snuggle her. When I got home Linus was sniffing me like made. Mummy had held another dog! That’s okay, Linus gets snuggles and cuddles every day so he was not too concerned once he got over the initial shock of mummy smelling of puppy.

Then I got an email from a friend who has just got a kitten. It too is oh so cute!

I’m hoping things will be calm and peaceful today…

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