A Gallery Invitation

Dear Web Friends,

You are cordially invited to visit my new website, Pictures of Creative Minds.

Don’t worry, for those of you who like to see what I get up to on my personal blog at ljr3, it will continue to run as normal.

Pictures of Creative Minds is a special website, dedicated to featuring the works of creative people. Works will include a broad range of artistic forms, from sculpture, wearable textiles, painting, photography, and even written works such as poetry and short stories if I can find a few people who would like to share their talents.

It is still under construction, but I hope to get your input and ideas before January 2013, when the first of what I hope to be many interesting exhibitions takes place.

I’m excited to share the works of artists from all over the world and hope you join in and comment/like the broad range of works that will be available.

Come on over and check out the January 2013 exhibition teaser, “An Invitation”, at http://picturesofcreativeminds.wordpress.com


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