A Love Poem for Remembrance Day

After noting several hits on my website looking for remembrance poems, I thought it appropriate to post this. The following poem was written, sometime around late 1943, by my cousin Robert “Bud” George Alfred Burt. He was a tail gunner in 408 Squadron. He sent the poem home to his girlfriend in Canada. He died March 15 1944.

This little poem, I just had to write;

To let you know that things are all right,

That my thoughts are of you, wherever I roam,

Whether it’s over Berlin, or over old Rome.


And though things look stormy, cloudy or bright,

My thoughts and my prayers are with you every night,

Though God has willed that we drift far apart,

I feel we are closer, both in spirit and heart.


The dark clouds are lifting, and things now look bright,

It, won’t be long now, till we have things right;

So here’s to the future, the past has gone by,

The future I’ve dreamed of for both you and I.


So chins up, old girl, things really look bright,

Though I know I shant be home, today or tonight;

But tomorrow is coming, and we’ll win the darn war,

Then we’ll pick up again, where we left off before.


Say hello to your mother, your family and mine,

Give them my regards and tell them I’m fine;

In closing, there’s yet one thing I’d like to do,

And that is to convey just how much I love you.


Well, dear, I’ll write “finish” to this poem or rhyme,

My eyes are complaining, it’s past my bed-time;

Hereafter I’ll stick to my turrets and my guns,

And leave things like this to poets and their sons.


So good night, my dear, pleasant dreams, pleasant rest,

And may I add, “Merry Christmas and all of the best”;

And I hope that, God has willed it to be,

To protect and to keep you safely for me.

                                                                 By Robert “Bud” George Alfred Burt

7 comments on “A Love Poem for Remembrance Day

  1. Mike says:

    Your cousin was a hero, and helped save the world.

  2. Robert Chester-Master says:

    Sir, I felt I had to respond as this is a delightful little poem. I was a tail gunner in Lancasters in WW11 and only did 12 bombing trips as I was ‘shot’ down returning to base after bombing. As a result, I’ m known as an evader, having been helped by the Belguim resistance and spent some time in hiding in various safe houses. I operated wih 514 Sqdn out from Waterbeach.

    • ljr3 says:

      Thank you Robert, I’m glad you liked the poem and I’m so glad you escaped your Lancaster and survived the war. It is an honour to have you comment on my post.

  3. Bernie says:

    Beautiful poem. Brings back thoughts of old.
    It is My Desire to reach out to and help my fellow Veterans.

  4. friendlytm says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

    • ljr3 says:

      I love this poem. I have no idea whether there are any more of his poems somewhere amongst the family or not. It is the only one I have seen and that is only because this poem was published in the local newspaper after he went missing. Months later it was confirmed he had died. I often wonder what happened to his girlfriend.

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