Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

To renew is to resume or reestablish, to revive or rejuvenate. Renewal happens all the time. We renew our drivers license, passport, magazine subscription, and numerous other things. Our bodies go through a renewal process too. We sleep, eat, and drink to gain energy.

On the one day I don’t work from home, I am usually the first person to arrive at work. I fill the kettle with water and set out the mugs, ready to go for when the guys arrive.

I know what to expect. It’s like clockwork. My manager comes in and he has no sooner dropped his bags when the inevitable comment, “I need a coffee”, leaves his lips. His right hand man by this point has already had a cigarette and is grabbing the coffee, sugar and milk.

Having a drink together is our renewal as part of a group. I don’t partake in a drink because I feel thirsty. I do it in essence to revive the sense of camaraderie. Its just like when you go to someone’s house, they offer you a drink and you usually take it because you wish to be sociable.

So, for me, a glass/cup/mug is a symbol of renewal of the body, mind and soul.

3 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. Renewal is sooo critical in any relationship. We don’t focus on it enough! Nicely put…

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