Tale of the Water

(Inspired by my Dad’s paintings, I wrote this poem. If you like his paintings please drop by my other blog, http://picturesofcreativeminds.wordpress.com, in January for his first web exhibition.)

11 High Country 16x20 On Canvas

Bubbling out from a spring high in the mountains, comes the water, cool and clear,

Rushing down a steep rocky lane, it dashes and sparkles in frothy spray,

46 Rivers Edge 12x16 On Canvas

Down through wilds it advances, pushing rocks and dirt in its path,

The steep slopes now are behind, departed, on winding, downward splash!

72 Highland Trails 12x16 On Canvas

Sweeping under the footbridge up in the highlands, comes the water, fast and light,

Falling down narrow sloped rocks, it sprints and splatters midst rocky array.

71 Twin Falls 12x16 On Canvas (Inspired By Photo By Andrew Gregory)

Down to the waterfalls it splits, plunging over worn rocks to crash,

In the whirlpool below, wits jumbled, round churning, onward flash!

51 The Pines 20x16 On Canvas

Skipping low tributary in the forest deep, comes the water, lithe and strong,

Cutting down the grooved forest floor, it batters and erodes the rocks away,

 50 Cascades 12x16 On Canvas

Down to the deep river it joins, roaring flow sounding like a lash,

Over the choppy rapids, tumbled fro, clothes washing, forward smash!

27 View From The Top 22x20 On Canvas

Flowing and winding river in the lands below, comes the water, dull and broad,

Roaming down the open expanse, it slackens and deposits silt to stay,

 25 Northern Wilds 14x16 On Canvas

Down to the marshes it divides, straying finger-trails seek to pass,

The distant slopes but a dream, forgotten, and yawning, southward cache.

 35 Beaver Creek 16x20 On Canvas

Trickling through the hollows hidden in woodlands, comes the water, hushed and sleek,

Sneaking down between grass and tree, it twines and whispers as if to pray,

 37 The Hunted 16x20 On Canvas

Down to the thicket it passes, snaking round reeds like liquid glass,

Off to industry and homes, it travels, reaching, eastward amass.

 73 Walter's Falls Mill Pond & Spillway 16x12 On Canvas

Slapping over the mill wheel in the quaint hamlet, comes the water, fresh and free,

Rippling down the rocks on low, it glints and reflects the setting of day,

 41 Oscar's Pond 20x16 On Canvas

Down to peaceful lake it filters, calming, day ebbing, almost past,

Under ducks on the surface, so restful, the lapping; home at last!


3 comments on “Tale of the Water

  1. dell381 says:

    wowwwww this is just one more example of how creative you are.. this is absolutely beautiful i love it hun… terrfic display of the paintings with the poem to match .. wonderfullllllll …

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