Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


After spending time writing about this photo, it turns out the writing did not save and I got a double photo! My internet connection is still terrible. Try, try again…

I looked out my window during Oswald’s high winds and lashing rain to see these two Rainbow Lorikeets huddled together trying desperately to bunker down and make it through the storm. Two more were farther up within the leaves.

This week’s photo challenge was ideal. We have had so many storms, in all forms, all over the world, and it is truly the love and kindness of others that has made all the difference when disaster strikes.

Humans, however, are not the only ones to demonstrate love. These two were so sweet. When my internet connection is better I will add more photos of this loving couple.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I took this photo at night. With all the movement in the tree from the wind and the miner birds settling in to roost, it was the only shot that was clear enough to keep. Look beyond the dark, look beyond the leaves. How many miner birds can you see?

Miner Birds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


I took this photo a while ago for a fun photo competition and then later used it for the header of my other blog, Pictures of Creative Minds, but for me it represents illumination. I used a tripod, played with the settings on my camera in manual mode and used a torch/flash light to create the illumination for the apple and lizard. I hope it will make you ponder a little.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved (Better Late Than Never!)

The heat here has been so intense (around 40C with humidity in the 70% range) and I surpassed my monthly gig allowance so my internet connection was too slow to upload a photo or do much of anything! I hope all will return to normal now.

I’m resolved to come out of my safe place more often and live a little this year. I thought the skink represented that pretty well.


Art Exhibition Invitation

73 Walter's Falls Mill Pond & Spillway 16x12 On Canvas

My new blog, Pictures of creative minds (PCM) at http://picturesofcreativeminds.wordpress.com,  is now officially up and running!

This month is the first of what I hope to be many interesting and inspiring art exhibitions for your viewing pleasure.

I plan to promote one artist (photographer, painter, writer, or sculptor) per month.

If you know of an artist who would be interested in exhibiting their work on PCM, please leave an email at picturesofcreativeminds@hotmail.com or a link to the artist’s blog when you comment at PCM.

To kick off January 2013, PCM has a large selection of acrylic paintings by Mr. D. Burt from Ontario, Canada.

I hope you will take a look and continue to stop by, browse, and enjoy the many pleasures of some creative minds!