Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


Yes, I know the balloon is on an angle. Angling this shot makes the balloon look like it is actually moving forward. However, that is not the only reason for the balloon shot for this challenge. I like the impression the angle gives me, like an exclamation mark, an idea, forward thinking. It makes me wonder about forward thinkers/creators. Forward thinkers are those people who create many of the wonderful things we find around us, like the written word, the hot air balloon, planes, the internet and so on. May we continue to move forward!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

I mentioned before that I would return to these two Lorikeets huddled together as they braved the high winds and lashing rain of the storm. I’m assuming that the one on the left was the female and the one on the right was the male. She always huddled in a ball while he intermittently lifted his head and nuzzled her neck as though kissing her and telling her everything would be alright. She leaned that little bit closer, secure in his company. It was so evident how much they cared for one another.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Home isn’t really about a dwelling but a way of feeling. In my way of thinking you can be at home fishing, sitting in your favourite chair reading, or whatever it is that makes you feel settled and secure. It is that special place or activity and the security it provides.

Although Linus isn’t excited about bath time, he loves what comes after. I have to keep the towel out of sight or he charges for it and nearly knocks me down. He loves being rubbed down after a bath. Well, for that matter he loves being rubbed down every time he sees a towel. To him it is that sense of home comfort, of being part of the pack and feeling secure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Not unlike my internet connection bouncing on and off like a yo-yo, I couldn’t decide what to do for this week’s photo challenge, unique. I took photos of my hands and fingers with the idea of fingerprints. I have a rather amusing story about fingerprints and another that is rather emotional, but in the end I looked through photographs taken some time ago and this jumped out at me as the perfect example of unique.

Air Gunners

Most of you are probably wondering what is so unique about a museum display. This picture was taken within building 3 of the Yorkshire Air Museum which houses the Air Gunner’s display. I went to the Yorkshire Air Museum specifically to see this room as part of my research for my book. Many of you know my cousin, Bud, a tail gunner in a Lancaster bomber during WWII, died doing his job. “The room, believed to be the only one of its type in the world, is dedicated to the memory of the 20,000 Air Gunners who lost their lives in WWII.” (Yorkshire Air Museum Allied Air Forces Memorial Visitors Guide, pg 8). That makes it pretty unique!