Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The temperature is starting to change here. Linus gets up in the mornings with stiff legs and hobbles around quite a bit. He is beginning to feel the change for the worse in his arthritic knees and has been longing for some warm clothing.

I made this light jacket for him yesterday. It isn’t perfect but not bad for my first dog jacket project. I made it out of an old pair of track pants. I will make him a heavier jacket soon.

I am also making him leggings. Using the pockets from the track pants and possibly an old pair of wooly socks might work. At the moment I am trying to sort out how to keep them on and yet give him plenty of movement while keeping his knees warm. He definitely doesn’t mind me trying to put them on to check out the fit. I’ll take that as a sign he likes what Mum is making for him.


6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (ljr3.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (ljr3.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Lily Mugford says:

    Good job on the jacket, I can’t wait to see the legwarmers you are making. Beautiful dog by the way.

    • ljr3 says:

      Thanks! He reminds me of a tall elegant gentleman. He sits quite tall at times and crosses his legs. He is so cute. I made a few minor changes to the jacket and I am considering adding a neck piece at the back. That jacket will be my pattern for the next one I make. I bought some arctic fleece the other day to make a heavier one. I have made the basic design for the legwarmers and harness to hold them on. I just need to fit them and then make an improved model for best fit before I make them in the good fleece. It cost about $11 for 2m of fleece so I have plenty. It would cost so much more to buy the ready made clothes.

  4. That is one handsome pup 🙂

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