Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

above 1

above 2

above 3

The beginnings of an ants nest, the remains of a bone, and a spider.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Living in the Southern Hemisphere there is not a big change in seasons. However, this is one bug that signifies that the Christmas season is here. They can be found at night bouncing frantically off the sliding glass doors, attracted to the light filtering out onto the deck. In the morning they are scattered over the deck, usually dead or well on their way to being so…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


I wanted to make a statement this week. I needed a means of making a reflection and the only mirror easy to move was the one from my cosmetics bag. I hardly ever use makeup but in this instance it came in pretty handy for making this reflection.

I hope this weeks photograph will make you reflect on the reflection. If you look closely you can see there is a fly on the flowers. Is the fly beautiful or ugly? What is beauty? Why are we so obsessed with beauty? Is beauty natural or put on? What makes someone beautiful?

What is your opinion?