Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

I was inspired this week by the variety of lines and patterns I found just outside the house.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

unusual POV

I’m late for the last two challenges. However, good news! Linus has permission from the vet to run and play, kind of like a normal dog, but with new knee ligaments. Thus the unusual point of view… as he waits patiently for me to stop taking photos and stick on my shoes to go for a run. In his mind, bringing out these shoes means it is time to hit the road! Put the blasted camera away mum and come on!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Things have been really busy so I’m going with something quick and something that tells a little about what I have been up to this week.

I have been working on a wig. I couldn’t find what I wanted in the store so I got some yarn and started making one. The wig isn’t finished yet but I have so much to do between now and tomorrow night I can’t stop to show you everything! When the whole costume is done I’ll take some more pictures.

wig mainly back