Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


A new day is starting once again.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I was offered one of these Prickly Cucumbers, otherwise known as a Kiwano or an African Horned Cucumber. I have yet to try it but from what I understand it is full of seeds and has a citrus tang. The spikes and the colouring make rather an interesting pattern.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

I mentioned before that I would return to these two Lorikeets huddled together as they braved the high winds and lashing rain of the storm. I’m assuming that the one on the left was the female and the one on the right was the male. She always huddled in a ball while he intermittently lifted his head and nuzzled her neck as though kissing her and telling her everything would be alright. She leaned that little bit closer, secure in his company. It was so evident how much they cared for one another.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


After spending time writing about this photo, it turns out the writing did not save and I got a double photo! My internet connection is still terrible. Try, try again…

I looked out my window during Oswald’s high winds and lashing rain to see these two Rainbow Lorikeets huddled together trying desperately to bunker down and make it through the storm. Two more were farther up within the leaves.

This week’s photo challenge was ideal. We have had so many storms, in all forms, all over the world, and it is truly the love and kindness of others that has made all the difference when disaster strikes.

Humans, however, are not the only ones to demonstrate love. These two were so sweet. When my internet connection is better I will add more photos of this loving couple.