Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I’m late getting this one in but it was an unexpected happening, not a good one though.

I was happily working in the kitchen when I looked up to see I had an indoor water feature. Yes, that really is water that has run down the inside of the sliding glass doors during a storm.

Those towels are soaking wet.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

This week I chose something that has multiple layers of meaning that may not be evident on first inspection.


This jacket is itself a layer of clothing. The badges and buttons give another layer of meaning to the jacket. For me, however, the most significant layer is the positioning of the jacket in the chair. It gives an added layer, almost making the jacket seem alive, human, despite no one being present. Through this viewpoint I get a sense of the past and feel as though I am going through layers in time.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

I enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen this morning. I can’t say the flavour of my creation was perfect. It was missing something creamy and salty, like cream cheese or feta cheese, instead of the cheddar I had on hand. However, there was something about the mix of ingredients and photographs that spoke of flavour and colour saturation.