Many of us have paid our respects today, in one form or another, to those who have served their country.

I always remember the boys that flew in Lancaster II LL637 EQ-P during WWII. To me they are family and despite never knowing them in person I know them quite well through my research. I feel very privileged to know them and through my research I will never forget them.

WWI however, I know little about, but that is slowly changing by volunteering my time at my local museum. We are busily working on a trench display, preparing for next year, when we look back 100 years.

Volunteering my time is great fun and I work with a wonderful bunch of people. Old and young come together when volunteering and I think that is an important part of remembering. There is always someone who can fill you in on a time well before your own and make it come alive through their own excitement of sharing their experiences. Often those older volunteers have been through quite a bit and have first hand knowledge of what wars are really like.

As we see the end of another Remembrance Day, I not only remember those that have fallen but those who live on and those who volunteer their time to help us make Remembrance special.

Thank you.



Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Things have been really busy so I’m going with something quick and something that tells a little about what I have been up to this week.

I have been working on a wig. I couldn’t find what I wanted in the store so I got some yarn and started making one. The wig isn’t finished yet but I have so much to do between now and tomorrow night I can’t stop to show you everything! When the whole costume is done I’ll take some more pictures.

wig mainly back

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


The past few weeks have been rather busy and with the computer in for repairs I’m adding these challenges very late!

Recently I started making some costumes for an up coming evening out. I decided to make myself a Victorian/Edwardian style skirt. No, I didn’t use a pattern. I can however, if you want to know how to make your own, explain step by step how I made this skirt.


I really enjoy making stuff and this old style skirt brought out the nostalgic side of me. I don’t, however, enjoy sewing on all the snaps, hooks and eyes by hand! I’m still sewing them on…

I’ll post an update once the whole costume is done so you can see how it looks!


I was hoping over the last few days, as this day approached, to come up with something to say, but it still hasn’t come to me.

A friend suggested that perhaps I should write about the voices of history or the fact that on the doorstep of what is to be the sixty-ninth anniversary of the death of the crew of LL637, EQ-P, I have received more information which brings me another step closer to finding the final piece of the puzzle, the answer to their final moments. I tried writing about both today and it just didn’t gel.

With Norm, Larry, George, Bill, Bob, Jock, and Bud so vividly on my mind as always on such a day, I find myself looking at their photographs. I never tire of looking at these moments in time captured for eternity. Their lives were short but they made the most of every moment.

Perhaps that is the point, the boys are an inspiration. They inspire me to keep going when things are tough, to work hard, and to be a better person. They inspire me to make the most of every moment.


Sixty-nine years ago, on the night of 15 March 1944, RAF Bomber Command detailed 863 bombers to bomb Stuttgart, Germany.

The bombers, typically manned by a seven man crew of young men between the ages of 19 and 30, headed out from their bases across England on a round trip that would take about seven hours.

Not all would return. This operation would see the loss of 37 bombers and around 260 men.

Attacked by German night-fighters or hit by flak, a few of these men would jump from their burning bombers and parachute to the ground, with help they would evade capture. Some, not so lucky, were found and taken as prisoners of war.

The vast majority simply never made it out of their aircraft. Some of those men disappeared as their aircraft exploded in the sky over Europe. The rest would be found dead, many of them badly burnt, among the wreckage of their Lancaster or Halifax bomber. This was the outcome for the boys of LL637, EQ-P.

Street Photography by Bill Jones Jr.: Now Showing on Pictures of Creative Minds

Gentleman Reader

Gentleman Reader

The March exhibition of street photography by Bill Jones Jr. is now available for viewing on Pictures of Creative Minds at Stop by and enjoy a look at the complexity of society in an urban environment.