Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

For me a good morning is having Linus around. He is my companion through each and every day. His curiousity, understanding and unconditional love make for a good morning!good morning


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

unusual POV

I’m late for the last two challenges. However, good news! Linus has permission from the vet to run and play, kind of like a normal dog, but with new knee ligaments. Thus the unusual point of view… as he waits patiently for me to stop taking photos and stick on my shoes to go for a run. In his mind, bringing out these shoes means it is time to hit the road! Put the blasted camera away mum and come on!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

To be companionable means to possess the qualities of a good companion; to be pleasant to be with, to be friendly. Animals have this ability despite their own problems.

For quite some time now my Linus has been struggling with a knee ligament injury. After trying a variety of noninvasive options we finally decided on surgery last week.

On Saturday I did my walk and run as normal. Linus usually gets walked first and then watches me from the gate but there was no Linus on Saturday. No dog to give me an excited deep chested “bow wow” as I finished my run. Linus was at the vets recovering from surgery. It was a lonely walk and run without him.

Linus is home from the operation now but he won’t be going for our twice daily walks for quite some time and he won’t be watching me run. It was a tough operation and due to a number of factors the leg had to be cut open farther than normal which means he had more swelling and bruising than the average dog and will have a longer recovery process.


I was rather shocked when I saw Linus despite the vet explaining what I was going to see. Linus came out to greet me with a very puffy Frankenstein leg jiggling around, several inches off the ground, as he held himself upright on his other three legs and vigorously wagged his tail. He was excited to be going home but I was worried. Had we done the right thing? I hoped so but it looked really bad.

recovery 2

On the way home I sat in the back seat to help stabilize him from falling over. We don’t live far from the vets but the excitement wore off quickly and Linus spent half the trip standing with most of his weight pressed against my chest with my arms around him supporting him as best I could.

Once home we settled him in to his bed, wrapped him up with blankets and spent the weekend giving him lots of love. Over the first 24 hours the swelling went down quite a bit and now after 48 hours he is starting to bring his leg down a little more. There is still a very long way to go before he will be using that leg properly and a much longer road before we can resume our walks together.

However, one thing is certain, no matter what he goes through he is always companionable.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The temperature is starting to change here. Linus gets up in the mornings with stiff legs and hobbles around quite a bit. He is beginning to feel the change for the worse in his arthritic knees and has been longing for some warm clothing.

I made this light jacket for him yesterday. It isn’t perfect but not bad for my first dog jacket project. I made it out of an old pair of track pants. I will make him a heavier jacket soon.

I am also making him leggings. Using the pockets from the track pants and possibly an old pair of wooly socks might work. At the moment I am trying to sort out how to keep them on and yet give him plenty of movement while keeping his knees warm. He definitely doesn’t mind me trying to put them on to check out the fit. I’ll take that as a sign he likes what Mum is making for him.